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Banbury Evangelical Free Church was founded in 1984, as a Bible-based, Christ-centred congregation seeking to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve Christ in every aspect of our lives, both as individuals and together.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Abiding in Christ

For our church anniversary services yesterday, we had two excellent messages brought to us by Mr Peter Cordle from Lower Ford Street Baptist Church, Coventry based on John 15.4, 5.

In his first message, he addressed three questions:

  1. What does “abiding in Christ” mean? To answer this, he drew on the picture that Jesus himself gives of the vine and the branches?
  2. Why is this so important? - Two reasons:
    (a) In order to bear fruit (v.5);
    (b) To show that we are true Christians (v.6) – for if we do not abide in Christ, we have no fruit that will remain.
  3. How do we abide in Christ? - In four ways:
    (a) By faith;
    (b) By receiving Christ's love (v.9);
    (c) By having God's word in our hearts (v.7)
    (d) By keeping Jesus' commandments (v.10) – being completely yielded to the will of Jeuss for our lives.

In the evening message, Peter considered 4 results arising from abiding in Christ:

  1. There will be fruit (v.5)! It may not always be the outward, visible fruit that we often look for. It is God's prerogative to decide what fruit there should be. But there will be fruit, above all, in increased likeness to Jesus;
  2. There will be pruning (v.2). This may be painful, but if we are to be more like Jesus we need to have the growth of self-centredness, self-importance, self-righteousness, cut back;
  3. There will be joy (v.11). Although we often think of Jesus as the “Man of sorrows”, he was also one who knew deep joy (Ps.45.7b);
  4. There will be a community of love (v.12). We were encouraged to be on our guard against the devil who hates to see such a community in church life, and to continue to be governed by love.

The messages were both heart-warming and challenging. They should be available on the website very soon. I strongly recommend taking the time to listen to them!