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Monday, 23 May 2011

You need to be ready!

Harold Camping, already identifiable as a false prophet from his earlier predictions that the world would end in 1994, has again been exposed as a charlatan, when the rapture which he predicted for 21 May failed to materialise. While most people were not surprised (though Mr Camping himself is said to be “somewhat bewildered”), and while it is easy to write him off as a crank, it can be argued that men like Camping are dangerous. His failed prophecy concerning the end of the world can leave people all the more complacent with regard to any need to be ready for the return of Christ.

Addressing this issue yesterday, I preached from Jesus’ words in Matthew 24.44a. Notwithstanding Camping’s false prophecy, I pointed out that there is indeed still a need to be prepared for the end of the world (or the end of our lives, if that event happens first):

  • Because, whatever cynics may say, Jesus is coming again;
  • Because His coming may be sudden;
  • Because His coming will be unexpected by many;
  • Because no one knows when it will be;
  • Because His coming marks the end (of this world);
  • Because His coming marks the beginning (of the next);
  • Because Jesus Himself tells us to be ready!

Concerning what it means to be ready, I outlined 2 aspects:

  • We need to be at peace with the One who is coming, so that we know we can expect his smile and not his frown when He comes;
  • We need to be looking forward to heaven. Not living each day as if it were our last (that is impossible in practice), but living each day such that, if it were our last, we would have nothing of which to be ashamed;

Turning to the practical question of how you can be ready, the following points were made:

  • You need to seek the Lord today, at a time when He may be found (Isaiah 55.6, 7);
  • You need to repent of your sins. God’s goodness in extending your life until now should lead you to this (Romans 2.4);
  • You need to trust in the Saviour God has provided, before He who is preached as Saviour now returns as Judge;
  • Seek a close walk with God that you may anticipate with joy His appearing.

Harold Camping is a false teacher who’s made himself & his followers look foolish. But don’t let his foolishness cause you foolishly to reject what Jesus has said. There is a day coming when the Lord will return, and gather all those who are ready to be with him in heaven. Will you be there?