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Monday, 10 January 2011

A spiritual feast

What do the following have in common: William Carey, bioethics, evangelism & world mission, and the hypostatic union of the divine & human natures in the person of Christ? They were all subjects (together with a couple of others) of papers given at the Carey Conference last week! This conference, named after the pioneer Baptist missionary whose 250th birthday is celebrated this year, is my favourite conference each year – not least because it is the only one that my wife is able to attend with me. This year’s papers constituted a real feast, with rich theology that was both mind-stretching and heart-warming, together with papers of a very practical nature. One of the good points of Carey is the lively question & answer sessions that follow most of the papers, arousing discussions that often continue over the meal-table. I am very grateful to the church here for enabling me to attend this each year, and I returned with a reinvigorated sense of the privilege of serving the Lord at this time in this place, and of the need to seize whatever opportunities He may provide for the spreading of the gospel in our spiritually needy world.

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