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Monday, 27 September 2010

An encouraging occasion

Two days ago, on Saturday afternoon, I had the blessing and privilege of conducting a baptismal service. As so often on these occasions, I felt I rather stuttered and stammered my way through an attempt at an evangelistic message – I don’t think I rise well to the “big occasion” (though perhaps that is a good thing!). Nevertheless, it was a great encouragement that a large number of friends and relatives of both of those being baptised – John Robertson and Victoria Cunnington – were there, many of whom are not Christians. I preached on Acts 16.30, 31 under the following three headings:
• Why you need to be saved (you are in a mess you can’t get out of; sin is serious; you must to face up to your need);
• How you may be saved (there is nothing you can do; you need to trust in Jesus Christ alone, and what he has done);
• What you should do once you are saved (rejoice!; be baptised; show your changed attitude by a changed life, living to the glory of God).

We pray that there might be fruit arising from that occasion in the hearts and lives of at least some of those present, for whom this may have been the first time they heard the gospel. And we pray that the changed lifestyles of both John and Victoria may be an on-going testimony to the transforming power of the grace of God.

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