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Monday, 24 May 2010

The Memory of the Just is Blessed

I don't think I will ever *enjoy* taking funerals. However, it is a great privilege to speak at the funeral of a Christian believer, as I did this morning. Mavis Parks had been a member of the congregation at BEFC for most of the church's existence. Included among her papers was the following testimony:

You ask me how I know I’m going to heaven;
You think that I am arrogant and vain
In daring to suggest it, let alone
Be confident; be sure.

I used to think Good Works would get me there;
Or giving cash to “causes great and good”.
I said, “I’m not a sinner, I’m all right;
I’ve not committed murder, thrown a bomb,
Abused, misused or hated anyone.”
And then they told me, “ALL have sinned (come short
Of God’s high standard).” Well, I know that’s true.
So all was hopeless; what was I to do?

And then I heard of Jesus, why He came
From Heaven’s glory to this wicked world.
Yes, then they told me that He came to bear
The punishment for sin, and Calvary
Was not an accident but God’s great plan
To make heaven possible for sinful man.

And when I heard of his great love for me
And how he suffered; then I wept. I came
In deep repentance, sorry for my sins,
And asked for pardon. No one asks in vain.
Now Jesus is the friend who, day by day,
Gives comfort, strength and help upon the way.

And one day Heaven will be full
Of those who claim no merit of their own;
And glorified and honoured there will be
The One who died at Calvary, for me.

Mavis will be missed. But in the light of the coming resurrection, we do not sorrow as others who have no hope! (1 Thessalonians 4.13)

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