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Monday, 10 May 2010

A certain future?

Following an inconclusive General Election last week, the only thing certain about the UK's future at the moment seems to be – uncertainty! Whoever ultimately claims – or retains – the keys to Number 10, they can by no means be sure that they will still be in residence a year from now, facing the possibility of another election, or a coup from within their own ranks, in the months that lie ahead. Notwithstanding my long-standing interest in politics, it was a blessed relief to leave such matters yesterday and to be reminded of the one who is King above all – the one for whom thrones and dominions and rulers and authorities were created – as I was preaching on that glorious passage in Colossians that proclaims the supremacy of Christ as God and Creator of all. What ever our politicians may have in store for us, with our trust in Him we can have confidence in a future that is both certain and glorious!

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